About Me



Hello! My name is Chris.


Welcome to my homepage. I won't give away too much personal info about me but I live in the northwest. My hobbies include: walking, camping, art and music.


I am an aspiring cartoonist and caricature artist. 


I also love to do digital paintings. Even though I never painted a landscape with real paints and a canvas,  I learned a lot just by watching the late Bob Ross. His Joy Of Painting episodes can be found on YouTube.  Most of my artwork is digital. I use a Samsung Tab A 9" 7' tablet and I primarily use the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro app. I have experimented with other paint apps, but I think I will stick with Sketchbook.  


With music, I play synth keyboards and compose songs via MIDI.  Years, ago I used Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 and Cakewalk Music Creator 3. Now, I use Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 for my MIDI compositions.


I have three keyboards: Casio WK-7500, a decent  76 key workstation keyboard with drawbar sliders to emulate a Hammond Organ. I also have a 61 keyboard - A Yamaha PSR E473. It has some really good synth sounds.